The Nominating process

The Nomination Committee is appointed after the Chairman of the Board has ascertained which are the company' four largest shareholders, based on the number of voting rights and according to the shareholder statistics available on the last banking day in August prior to the Annual General Meeting. Representatives of the four largest shareholders make up the Nomination Committee and the names of these representatives shall be published on the company's website as soon as they are appointed and no later than six (6) months prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee shall take into consideration at all times the applicable requirements and regulations of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. The Nomination Committee is required to present proposals for members of the Board and in so doing shall ensure that the Board has an appropriate composition characterised by diversity and breadth in the expertise, experience and backgrounds of the elected members of the Board, and shall also strive to achieve a gender balance.

None of them has received any remuneration for their work in the Nomination Committee.