Wholly-owned operations

Investment AB Latour's wholly-owned industrial operations are grouped into five business areas: Caljan, Hultafors Group, Latour Industries, Nord-Lock Group and Swegon.

The five business areas have strong positions in their respective niches with companies that develop, manufacture and market their own products and brands to customer segments that accounts for a large and growing international demand.

The ambition of growth is high with focus on organic growth and growth through acquisitions. In order to grow at a rate that exceeds overall economic development, the businesses systematically work to strengthen the offer, gain market share in existing markets and increase the international presence.

All businesses carry out product development at the forefront, which is essential in order to ensure significant competitive advantages in the future. Latour is acting forward and constantly invests in product development, sales and marketing, and improving the digital presence of our business areas.

In total, the industrial operations employs more than 5,000 people with a total turnover of SEK 12 billion.

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