Sustainability is an integral part of Latour's investment strategy and sustainability issues have always played a central role in the analysis of investments, whether it has been stated or not. A long-term perspective, which is one of Latour's three core values, means that sustainability is one of the basic pillars of the company's business.

Latour has its greatest impact on sustainability by being an active and responsible owner, where all holdings drive their own sustainability programmes. There are ten employees at the head office and some 400,000 in the holdings. The head office's direct influence in the area of sustainability is therefore limited compared with the holdings, but through the active work of boards, Latour drives and has high expectations for the sustainable development of the holdings.

Long-term values are created by developing sustainable operations and Latour is confident that a commitment across the organisation to the environment and people is essential for Latour and its market to develop in a positive direction. The holdings have different challenges and offer internationally leading products in the fields of energy efficiency, safety, recycling, sustainable construction and workplace health.

Latour introduced a Code of Conduct and an Environmental Policy in 2012 with guidelines and policies for all wholly-owned companies and their employees. The guidelines and policies make up the minimum requirements with which all holdings must comply. For the companies that are part of Latour's investment portfolio, this is accomplished by their Boards proactively ensuring that they have their own codes of conduct and policies that meet Latour's requirements in this area.

Read Latour's latest sustainability report, which is integrated into the 2018 annual report.