The company AB Hevea, which later became Latour, was part of the Skrinet Group.
Hevea received a new principal owner in the form of the Douglas family through companies. The company took on its current operations and strategy. Hevea acquired 95 percent of the Securitas Group, 31 percent of Almedahls-Dalsjöfors, 25 percent of Trelleborg and 15 percent of Pharos and increased its ownership in Forsinvest to 30 percent. Boliden was one of its larger holdings with 5 percent of its capital. Holdings in Finans AB Nyckeln, SSRS Holding AB and Civic Fondkommission AB were sold.
The Boliden block was sold to Trelleborg. Instead Hevea became the largest owner in Trelleborg with 19 percent. The holding in Almedahls-Dalsjöfors was sold and exchanged for a 30 percent ownership in the Almedahls Group. The holdings in Forsinvest and Pharos were sold.
Name change from AB Hevea to Investment AB Latour. Minor changes in the investment portfolio.
The Almedahls Group was listed and acquired AB Fagerhult – name change to Almedahl-Fagerhult AB. The Securitas Group doubled its profit and acquired several other companies, among them Assa AB. The number of Latour shares grew eightfold through a split and a bonus issue.
Ownership in Almedahl-Fagerhult increased from 20 to 26 percent of the capital. Ownership in Trelleborg decreased from 17 to 16 percent of the capital.
Ownership in Securitas amounted to 63.5 percent. Ownership in Almedahl-Fagerhult increased from 26 to 38 percent of the capital.
Securitas was listed. Latour became a pure investment company. Offer of redemption of every tenth Latour share. Latour’s ownership in Securitas amounted to 43 percent.
Latour acquired, together with Hagströmer & Qviberg AB, control over Investment AB Öresund. After that Latour acquired more than 10 percent of Hagströmer & Qviberg. Decrease in holdings in Trelleborg and Hasselfors. Directed new issue in Securitas. Latour made an offer for Almedahl-Fagerhult.
Latour acquired Almedahl-Fagerhult and became a mixed investment company. At the same time the holding in Hagströmer & Qviberg increased to 22 percent. Latour sold most of its holdings in Trelleborg AB and converted all its convertibles to shares in Securitas, which gave the company control over 32 percent of the capital and 41 percent of the votes. AB Sigfrid Stenberg was acquired.
Latour contributes to creating Europe’s largest lock group by establishing Assa Abloy. Latour acquires the industrial group Swegon, Nobex AB (Nord-Lock AB) and Aneta AB.
The industrial group Swegon became wholly owned. Offer of voluntary redemption of every fourth Latour share in exchange for one share in respectively Securitas, Assa Abloy and Hagströmer & Qviberg.
Ownership in Securitas amounts to 16 percent and in Assa Abloy to 9 percent. Acquisition of Eurobend AB and AS Knappehuset.
Distribution of Fagerhult and Säkl. Acquisition of 16 percent of the capital in Sweco and 10 percent of the capital in Piren.
Latour carries out a share split 5:1. Ownership in Fagerhult was 29 percent.
Increased ownership in Fagerhult, NEA, Piren and Sweco.
Holdings in Piren and BT Industrier sold. Buyback of Latour shares.
Acquisition of Dayco Automotive (Autotube). Buyback and redemption of Latour shares.
Acquisition of shares in Drott.
Acquisition of folding ruler operations in Germany and Romania. Liquidation of Marieholms Yllefabriks AB and Oy Almedahl. Stig Wahlström AB sold. Acquisition of shares in Munters corresponding to 5 percent of the capital. Increased holdings in Elanders, Fagerhult and Sweco.
Reorganisation of the wholly owned industrial and trading operations from three to eight business areas. The Hydraulics business area acquires Näsström System AB (Specma Component AB) and WiroArgonic AB. Increased holdings in Assa Abloy, Munters, Securitas and Sweco. Divestiture of holdings in Hexagon, Holmen, Hufvudstaden and Getinge.
Hand Tools business area acquired Wibe Stegar. Crafts operations in Almedahls were sold. Almedahl-Kinna and Holma-Helsinglands were sold.
Acquisition of the HordaGruppen, Brickpack, JMS and Snickers Workwear. Divestment of the entire business area Filters along with the property belonging to it in Alingsås. Regarding the investment portfolio, a major holding in OEM was acquired and the entire holding in NEA was divested.
Acquisition of Meptek Oy, AVT Industriteknik AB and BBM Verktyg AB. Assignment of the business which formerly was engaged in sales of machinery to the Swedish timber industry. Increased holdings in OEM and Sweco. Acquisition of 23 percent of the capital and the votes in Nederman.
Two new companies, HMS Networks and Loomis, were added toh the investment portfolio while Securitas Direct was divested. The wholly owned industrial and trading operations acquired nine companies and sold of two.
Divestiture of holdings in OEM International. Increased holdings in HMS Networks. Sweeping cost-reduction program in the wholly owned operations as a consequence of the downturn in the economy. Two acquisitions and one divestiture in the wholly owned operations.
Divestiture of holdings in Munters and Elanders. Seven acquisitions in the wholly owned operations.
Merger between Latour and SäkI. Acquisition of shares in Norwegian TOMRA Systems. Divestiture of holding in Niscayah. Five acquisitions in the wholly owned operations.
Acquisition of 22 percent of the capital in Diamorph. Seven acquisitions and one divestiture in the wholly owned operations.
Nine acquisitions and one divesture in the wholly owned operations. Increased holdings in TOMRA and HMS Networks
Seven acquisitions in the wholly owned industrial operations. Increased holding in TOMRA.
Five acquisitions in the industrial operations. Troax, Steelwrist and Neuffer are new holdings. Divesture of Specma Group, Academic Work and large blocks of shares in Nobia.
Five acquisitions in the industrial operations. Increased shareholdning in TOMRA. Sale of all class B shares in Loomis.  
Seven acquisitions in the wholly owned industrial operations. Acquisition of shares in Alimak Group to the investment portfolio and increased shareholdning in TOMRA.
Five acquisitions in the wholly owned industrial operations. Increased shareholding in Alimak Group.