Investment Strategy

Latour's main business concept is to invest long-term in companies with their own products and brands, a great development potential supported by global megatrends and with good prospects for internationalization.

Latour's acquisition process is centred on long-term assumptions about which technologies and companies have the best prospects, based on the overall trends that are expected to lead to new and growing needs. 

Latour's business is based on identifying the best opportunities for long-term value creation and avoiding risks that might lead to diminished value. The opportunities and risks build on general global trends that have an impact on the long-term development of entire industries and niches.Consequently, they form the basis for attractive investment opportunities.

As an investment company, Latour has relatively narrow investment criteria, but with these, the company can quickly get an idea as to whether a business qualifies for a more in-depth analysis or not.

Latour Investment Criteria

Prospects for the niche

  • Addresses identified trends
  • The industry is showing profitable growth
  • Favourable position in the value chain

Potential in the companies

  • Next wave of development has begun
  • Potential for geographic expansion
  • Latour adds value

The companies must also satisfy the following criteria

  • Development, manufacture and marketing of proprietary products under their own brands
  • Products with high added value which offer a benefit that customers are willing to pay for
  • The company must not be dependent on a handful suppliers or customers

The companies must meet Latour's financial targets

  • > 10 per cent average annual growth over a business cycle
  • > 10 per cent operating margin over a business cycle
  • 15 - 20 per cent return on operating capital over a business cycle
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