Latour's main business concept is to invest long-term in companies with their own products and brands, a great development potential supported by global megatrends and with good prospects for internationalization.

Latour's operations are primarily carried out in two business lines, a wholly owned industrial operations and a portfolio of listed holdings. 

Latour is an active principal owner in the companies, regardless of whether the holdings are listed, wholly-owned or part-owned, where the work of the Board is an important platform for the value creation. 

Core values

Latour’s core values are:

  • Long-term perspective
  • Professionalism
  • Development

The operations are managed by a clearly delegated work structure. This means that each holding has a unique company culture and its own strategy work. However, Latour’s three core values permeate all holdings.

A structured approach is used for Board work, acquisition processes and integration processes in all holdings. Thanks to Latour's interests in a number of global companies, they can exchange experiences and thereby learn from each other's knowledge and contribute to developing the businesses in accordance with the international expansion strategy.

Leadership plays a central role in corporate governance. Senior executives in the Group must maintain high integrity, act as role models and assume accountability for the performance, sustainable value creation and well-being of the organisations. Leadership is characterized by freedom with responsibility which goes hand in hand with feedback and transparency.